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Supreme Memory Care.


Every Resident is Family To Us

How do we care for residents with dementia or Alzheimer's at your Supreme Memory Care facility?

At Supreme Memory Care our care team is managed by a full time Registered Nurse 24 hours a day!

At Supreme Memory Care We are committed to caring for each resident as part of our family not a number or a diagnosis

We offer four levels of care (and overlapping care), with each resident receiving a customized structured Resident Focused Care depending on his or her abilities and needs. 

We believe all residents deserve a place where they feel safe, loved, and comfortable

Our Levels of Care

Four Levels of overlapping care.

To help our residents achieve the very best of independent pursuits  we serve our clients and support the activities surrounding their individual needs.


Residents in the minimum stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia are ambulatory but may need the help of one person, due to an unsteady gait. Patients need occasional cueing and prompting, but are continent and fully able to function in the bathroom by themselves. 


At the Intermediate care level, residents have an unsteady gait, are exit seekers and need complete assistance going to the bathroom. They require help every day with eating, getting dressed, and using the toilet. Supreme Memory Care Staff are trained to use lots of cues, prompts and direction to assist with their daily needs. 


Maximum care is provided to residents who have an unsteady gait and need the assistance of two people. Caregivers will cue, prompt, praise, and support residents in daily routines such as sitting on a chair, going to bed, or using the bathroom. Maximum care residents are sometimes a elopement risk and can be aggressive. 


Residents at Supreme Memory Care will never have to move because of behavior problems and challenges associated with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We are extremely committed to allowing residents to age with dignity in familiar place, surrounded by staff members who truly care for them. 

With Hospice Care, residents will receive extra services from a third party to ease their pain and provide the care and case management necessary for the most comfortable quality of life. Families have peace of mind knowing their loved ones will live their final days in familiar surroundings and with caregivers they know and trust. And we strongly uphold the belief that every resident should be able to naturally progress through these stages without any penalty

100% Dedication

Discover our goals.

At Supreme Memory Care ,we are 100% dedicated to the individualized, focused care of our Alzheimer’s and dementia residents, and their families. We provide care environments for those suffering from the numerous forms of memory loss by offering a uniquely designed Care Program for each individual. 


Our doctors and specialists understand the importance of a personalized approach by providing customized programs that are designed to show the same compassion towards families as we do towards our residents, always with respect. 

Our facilities offer a warm, comfortable home, with supportive services, nutrition-designed food menus, created by trained cooks, and staffed by dedicated, caring professionals with 100% commitment. 

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease however, at Supreme Memory Care our goal is to:

• Maximize Resident Functional Independence
• Maintain Functional Activities of Daily Living Levels
• Encourage Resident Social Engagement

• Minimize Resident Falls, Dehydration, and Frailty.

The Supreme Memory Care program is designed to meet all of these goals.



Here are just a few of our services & amenities.


1 Medication management by a Registered Nurse.
2. Incontinent Care
3. Assistance with all Activities of Daily Living
4. Bathing and Grooming
5. Nail care
6. Assistance with Feeding
7. Diabetic care and management under the care of Our Full time Registered Nurse.
8. Care of Resident’s on tube feeding.
9. Freshly prepared Meals by our cooks Daily following individualresident’s dietary restrictions.
10. Hydration therapy all thru the day to prevent dehydration and UTI.
11. All care provided under the coordination of our Registered Nurse


 1. Stand alone secure Dementia Facility.
2. Large Private rooms with private restrooms.
3. Large Shared rooms with 3/4 walls separating the beds
4. Large hallway and walking paths for our residents that love to wonder
5. Private television with cable in each rooms
6. Courtyard
7. In house physicians and podiatrist
8. Laboratory tests done at the Facility
9. X-ray service at the Facility through a third Party
10. Daily therapeutic Activity under the guidance of our activity Director.
11. Beauty shop
12 Library available

Minimal Care

When they need just a little help.

Intermediate Care

When they depend on direction.

Maximum Care

When they depend solely on you.

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